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  1. Hard core definition, the permanent, dedicated, and completely faithful nucleus of a group or movement, as of a political party. See more.
  2. Hard-core definition is - of, relating to, or being part of a hard core. How to use hard-core in a sentence.
  3. Hard Core Brands produces the best duck decoys, goose decoys & waterfowl gear on the market at affordable pricing to get you waterfowl hunting successfully.
  4. Define hardcore. hardcore synonyms, hardcore pronunciation, hardcore translation, English dictionary definition of hardcore. adj. also hard-core 1. Intensely loyal; die-hard: a hardcore secessionist; a hardcore .
  5. Feb 09,  · Directed by Paul Schrader. With George C. Scott, Peter Boyle, Season Hubley, Dick Sargent. A conservative Midwest businessman ventures into the underworld of pornography in California to look for his runaway teenage daughter who is making porno films in California's porno pits.7/10(K).
  6. Nov 07,  · In the early s, hard core described the central element of something, like its unmovable (hard) foundation (core).By the s, this extended to an unwavering devotion to a group or cause.. Hardcore pornography (which shows sex explicit acts) emerges from a obscenity trial and was used to describe sexual materials without artistic merit.
  7. Sep 01,  · hardcore (uncountable) Broken bricks, stone and/or other aggregate used as foundations, especially in road and path laying. August 24, Jeff Howell, “Home improvements: gravel paths and cutting heating bills [print version: Cold comfort in technology, 23 August , p.
  8. Apr 06,  · Directed by Ilya Naishuller. With Sharlto Copley, Tim Roth, Haley Bennett, Danila Kozlovsky. Henry is resurrected from death with no memory, and he must save his wife from a telekinetic warlord with a plan to bio-engineer soldiers/10(K).

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